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NVIDIA vGPU with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 is now generally available \o/ NVIDIA GRID capabilities are available as a technology preview to support NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU).

NVIDIA Tesla GPU PCI passthrough with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13

Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides two ways to use NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators with virtual instances: GPU PCI passthrough (only one physical GPU per instance) vGPU GRID (one physical GPU can be shared to multiple instances, Tech Preview OSP14) This blog post is intended to show how to setup GPU PCI passthrough.

USB Passthrough with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13

Some OpenStack users users would like to attach USB devices to OpenStack instances for security or legacy applications. For example, a security application which run inside an OpenStack instance could require access to a Java card from an USB Gemalto eToken: